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Yahoo! is the second largest player in the search engine industry with 28% of market share. Yahoo! started as a human based directory but turned into a Crawler based search engine in 2002. It was powered by Google until early 2004, but after that they started to use their own technology.

Overture ( Yahoo renamed Overture to Yahoo Search Marketing when Yahoo purchased Overture) stands next to Google in terms of number of searches made per day. Overture is owned by Yahoo and attracts more than 167 million searches per day. Overture was the first search engine to come up with a PPC marketing.

Yahoo! is one of the best known and most popular internet portals. Originally it was a directory but now Yahoo! is a search engine, directory and portal. Yahoo includes cached copies of pages and also includes links to the Yahoo! directory. It supports full Boolean searching ( Boolean searches allow you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT and NEAR to limit, widen, or define your search.), but it lacks in providing some advanced search features such as truncation search which allow you to retrieve documents containing variations on a search term. You can execute a truncation search by typing the first few letters (stem) of the keyword followed by an asterisk (*).

We can help you with following SEO for Yahoo:

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Please click the links below to know what is important to optimise for yahoo:

Yahoo focuse more on "on-page" factor whereas google focuses more on "off page" factors.

You must focus on meta titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, content of the body, titles, photos, internal structure of the web site, images, alt, etc. if you are optimising for yahoo.

A page targetting Yahoo must have a good meta title and a meta description. It should be related to keywords and the page content as a whole context.

Always upload fresh content targetting your users, not search engines.

YAHOO SEO Services

  • organic seo for yahoo
  • on-page seo for yahoo
  • off-page seo for yahoo
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