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What we do to achieve SEO results?

First you evaluate your website and select your primary keywords. Then work on your website for your chosen keywords. You can check your HTML for errors or areas that you are not utilising to your SEO advantage. HTML errors can lead to search engines completely ignoring the content of your website. You may check your coding with your html editor and validate it.

A list for self SEO tips to optimize web sites:

  • How to optimise your webpage Title - Keep your titles short (60-66 characters) and keyword rich. Since Google only displays the first 66 or so characters (including spaces), I’d keep it under 66 characters and relevant to the content on the page. Remember that keywords from search engine results (SERP) are likely to be highlighted if present in your title. A online character calculator is available online HERE.

  • Description SEO - The description META tag is the text that will be displayed under your title on the results page. Your description is an opportunity to tell someone why they should click on your link as opposed to the one above or below you in the SERP. Having plain natural language (not stuffed keywords) and a few important terms for the page in the first sentence help.  You may face a controversy about the number of characters you should have in this tag. We witnessed some sites with a paragraph in their description listed in the top results but if you want the SERP listing to look clear and to the point, I would suggest to keep this META tag under 150 characters and don’t repeat your keywords more than 3 times. Having your keywords at the beginning of the description may improve your SERP position.
  • Optimising Headers -By using headers you can add more weight to your key terms. It also tells someone scanning the page what to read, much like underlining. So you can direct people's attention and tell them what the page all about. The W3C's guidelines are commonly accepted "best practices" for organizing a web site. Headings play an important role in organizing information, so be sure to include H1-H6 when coding your page.
  • Normal Text - Make sure to actually use the keywords in your text as well. You don't need to stuff your page with them, just white naturally.
  • Accented Text - You probably noticed that we're using accented text on this page. Using underlined, bold, and italics you can stress certain key text on your page. This should be used in a natural method. Too much can be seen as SEO spam. Using one or two naturally accented keywords per page is a good idea.

Optimise all above mentioned tags and contents to optimise your website.

If you need a basic optimization for your website you don't need to go to an SEO Expert or SEO Specialist for SEO consulting. Just use the above SEO Guidelines and SEO tips and you would see your website's ranking improve.

There would be many search engine optimization specialists and so called SEO experts around you but make sure you know what you are dealing with.

Here is a list what a SEO serach engine optimisation or SEO expert will do to achieve SEO results in Google, Yahoo and MSN:

  • Reviewing your websites and have a report for its SERP
  • Optimize your web content including meta tags and body text
  • Optimise text, links and images for search engines
  • Link Building
  • Website submission to local serch engines and International search engines
  • Create Sitemaps for Google, yahoo and MSN

Most of the people want to optimise for google and yahoo but forget or totally ignore their local search engines - if you want to acheive top rankings you must submit your site to all avaialble search engines and directories. Usually submitting your site to local search engines doesn't cost. They usually offer FREE submission or charge very little.

Ask us for optimising your web site for local search engines including finda, nz search, nz pages and other New Zealand based search engines.

We can also optimize your 'Yellow Pages' listing too. Take full advantage of Yellow Pages' online listing - rank high - optimise your listing.

If you need SEO help we offer one to one search engine optimisation training, group training and seo tutorials.

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