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MSN Search is the search engine for the MSN portal site. For years it had used databases from other vendors including Inktomi, LookSmart, and Direct Hit. As of February 1, 2005, it began using its own, unique database including separate News, Images, and Local databases along with links into Microsoft's Encarta Encyclopedia content. Text ads are currently from Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions (formerly known as Overture). Its large and unique database, query building Search Builder and Boolean searching, cached copies of web pages including date cached and automatic local search options are its strengths. However, limited advanced features, inconsistent availability of truncation and no title search are its weaknesses.

Achieving high search engine rankings in MSN has some similarities to the techniques already used in Google and Yahoo. MSN algorithm has a few twists and turns for SEO professionals to navigate. MSN SEO required keyword rich contents, relevance of topic appears to be very important to MSN, as it is becoming for Google optimization too.

A clean coding is a must with MSN Search. Its spider has a strong preference for well written code. A website poorly codedcan be downgraded in MSN rankings.

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